B2B development model

and partners have no conflict of interests

a)provides professional training services;
b)provides a complete transaction technology solution;
c) provides market development support for partners.

regulatory compliance

fund security is guaranteed

a)SGX in London and FCA regulation, and has maintained a perfect record;
b)SGX in cooperation with the world's top banks, including Barclays Bank, HSBC;
c)according to SGX's history, since its establishment has never had money disputes.

deep ploughing foreign exchange market for years

customers are all over the world's more than 20 countries,

Since 2009,SGX has been working in the field of trading technology, especially on the network architecture, which has created a handful of transactions on SGX. Over the past few years, foreign exchange deposits have made SGX customers in more than 20 countries around the world. Time is the touchstone for testing the platform. Now SGX has grown into an international leading online trading platform and foreign exchange solution expert.

liquidity abundant

with the world's top liquidity providers in deep cooperation

a) CFH, 2014 trading liquidity in 2015 won the global Awards (by Finance Magnates magazine) LP, which can provide the depth of liquidity for large flexible trading volume, but also liquidity and bank restructuring;

b) LMAX is the liquidity provider of the exchange model, and the turnover rate of customer orders is up to 99.99%;

c) CURRENEX is one of the most popular ECN platforms at present. It provides seamless anonymous pricing pipeline from multiple liquidity providers and participants. 100%, automatic execution of orders;

d) for the mainstream trading variety, the SGX market is more than 10 layers and can meet the single volume of nearly 50 million contracts.

STP-ECN transaction mode

transparent trading under the sun

a) SGX is proposed and adopted STP-ECN transaction mode the pure brokers pioneer, anonymous brokered transactions in the industry reputation; for FCA regulation of SGX, FCA in operating rights to the SGX regulations, the Limited License SGX matched principal as part of a clearly defined broker;

b) STP-ECN seamless bridge SGX technology, can make traders orders directly into the international banking transactions in ECN market environment and all orders are automatically equate, 100% price matching transaction, from the third party intervention completely.

high speed execution of stable and smooth

international top specification server architecture

a) SGX is one of the few customers who can invest huge amounts of money to build server infrastructure for customers. Through our HK3 data center and Equinox server in Hongkong, the transaction execution of customers is only 20 milliseconds from Hongkong MT server to LP LP,

b) because of our excellent and robust technical architecture, SGX can allow customers to enjoy a stable system running in the process of trading, 99.9%.

risk warning: Margin trading on all foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD CFD products carries significant risks and is therefore not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to invest in your own affordable area after fully understanding the risks involved. For more risk details, please refer to the SGX risk statement and margin policy